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  • Welcome

    Driver Therapy UK, your trusted destination for specialised driving therapy to conquer phobias and gain driving confidence. Our expert team of therapists and driving instructors are dedicated to helping you overcome fears and anxieties related to driving, ensuring you can enjoy the freedom of the road once again.


    Examples Of Services

    • Driving Therapy for Motorway Phobia: If the thought of driving on the motorway sends shivers down your spine, bespoke driving therapy sessions will equip you with the skills and mindset to confidently navigate these high-speed roads.
    • Post-Accident Phobia Support: Have you experienced a traumatic driving event, making it difficult to get back behind the wheel? Address post-accident phobias and restore your driving comfort.

    The Driving Therapy Difference

    Phobias and anxieties can severely impact your driving experience. Driver Therapy is designed to create a safe and supportive environment, allowing you to confront and conquer your fears step-by-step.


    Why Choose Driving Therapy UK? Highly Qualified skilled therapy with expertise in driving-related phobias. Paired with experienced driving instruction, offering comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

    • Proven Techniques: Evidence-based therapeutic techniques to address the root cause of your phobias and equip you with coping strategies for a confident driving future.
    • One-to-One Sessions: Your journey to overcoming phobias is personal, which is why driving therapy sessions are one-to-one, providing individualised attention and progress monitoring.
    • Safe Learning Environment: A safe and controlled space for exposure therapy, gradually desensitising you to your driving fears in a secure setting.

    Getting Started is Easy

    • Consultation: Schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your specific phobia and driving challenges.
    • Tailored Program: Based on the consultation, a personalised driving therapy program will be made to address your unique needs.
    • Therapy Sessions: Engage in driving therapy sessions, combining psychological techniques with driving practice to build your confidence.
    • Empowered Driving: With support, you will gain the skills and courage to conquer your phobias and enjoy stress-free driving.

    Embrace the Freedom of the Road Again

    Don't let driving phobias hold you back from living life to the full.

    Driving Therapy UK is here to help you reclaim your independence on the road. Get in touch today to book your consultation and take the first step towards a confident driving future.

  • Features


    Discover exceptional bespoke packages designed to enhance your driving skills and overcome any challenges you may face. Comprehensive offerings include the following key features:

    • Personalised one-on-one tuition and support: Benefit from expert guidance provided by a highly qualified and experienced therapy driving instructor, who will cater to your specific needs.
    • Modern tuition vehicles with advanced features: Experience driving in fully equipped vehicles that come with dual controls, front and rear dash-cams, and optional signage to inform other road users that you are under instruction.
    • Harness the power of NLP and PCT: Our packages incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Person Centred Therapy (PCT) techniques to help you gain a deeper understanding of your issues and reprogram your mindset effectively.
    • Mock Driving Tests for confidence-building: Put your skills to the test with mock driving tests designed to boost your confidence and reinforce your belief in your driving abilities.
    • Develop defensive driving skills: Gain expertise in defensive driving techniques through specialised tuition, ensuring you're prepared for any challenging situations on the road.
    • Learn from expert driving demonstrations: Witness expert driving demonstrations to learn valuable tips and techniques from our highly skilled instructors.

    To truly overcome your driving challenges, a carefully crafted bespoke package combining effective mind therapy and driving improvement tuition is the most effective solution.

    While therapy alone falls short as practical driving experience is missing, it's crucial to note that it is illegal for therapists to provide paid driving instruction. On the other hand, driving instruction alone may not address the underlying psychological factors.

    Rest assured, the packages have been meticulously designed to ensure your safety and deliver tailored assistance that suits your individual needs. Each three-hour session encompasses various components, including talking therapy, car skills training, road skills training, defensive driving skills, and proactive road awareness. It's more than just a typical driving lesson, clients often find the sessions enjoyable, useful and the time flies by.

    Your progress is carefully tracked and evaluated, allowing each session to address your specific requirements. Proffesional instruction at the level that best suits you, ensuring optimal results and a rewarding learning experience.


  • About


    Driver Therapy is owned by:

    Liam Dent DHP, DNLP. DSA ADI

    NLP Master Practitioner

    Therapy & Hypnotherapy

    Certified Wellness Coach

    Diploma in Life Coaching

    PCT Therapy

    DIA Diamond Advanced Master Driver

    Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved


    The highest DVSA grade achievable


    Refresher Courses

    Driving Therapy

    Defensive Driving Courses

    Instructor Training

    Get exceptional value for your money

    Become a safe and confident driver

    Money-back guarantee

    If you're not fully satisfied with your driving lesson, we'll refund your money for that session

    Ensuring your safety and enhancing your learning experience

    Fully Qualified

    DVSA Approved

    CRB Checked

    Subject to Regular Standards Checks

    Continued Professional Development

    NLP Master Practitioner

    DIA Diamond Advanced Master Driver


  • Testimonials

    "I have learned that the opposite to panic is not ‘not panic’, it’s calm. I so needed to learn that and it has helped me so much"

     "I didn't realise how much I didn't know about driving. I feel much! safer now. Thank you so much"

     "I can drive again yay!"

     "Driving is easy now; I think everyone should refresh their driving skills from time to time"

     "I used to panic and slam the brakes on and I knew that was dangerous but I did it automatically"

     "Ok I totally get it now; I just wasn't seeing stuff"

     “Liam did a demo drive and that was it!! I wanted to drive like him”

     "In the past I would have dizziness and heart palpitations, I would feel really unwell"

     "I was so surprised, I honestly didn't think it would work but here I am"

     "Turns out I’m not going crazy, my mind was protecting me. Who knew. I do now"

     "I would get on the motorway but I couldn't do more than 50MPH"

    "After the accident I couldn't even sit in a car, I can remember how horrible and limiting it was"

     "I used to close my eyes if a truck came towards me"

    "I feel so free, I am planning to take my kids to the coast”

    "My legs used to shake and my palms would sweat at the thought of driving"

     "Driving used to freak me out and I would panic and hyperventilate especially if I made a mistake"

    "I used to think I was going insane, it was so annoying because I know how to drive but my mind just wouldn't let me"

     "When I took on my new job it meant I had to use the dreaded motorways. I literally lost sleep just thinking about it"




    After on and off driving lessons for a number of years, followed by an 8 year gap without any driving at all, I decided to contact Liam for some therapy driving lessons. I’d never enjoyed driving, in fact, I disliked it and feared it….I’d avoided talking about driving, getting into any situation where the conversation would come up and it had become a huge problem.


    Today, after a number of driving therapy sessions with Liam, I have passed my test. To me, it feels like a first time pass, as it had been so long and looking back, I had never, ever wanted to pass the test until now. Liam has taught me how to enjoy driving, not fear it. By the time I got to the test day itself, I was fully prepared and knew that it was absolutely within my capabilities to pass…I think I even enjoyed it a little.


    To me, Liam is nothing short of a miracle worker. I would recommend him to anyone who has driving anxiety..whether that be a fear of the test, a fear of certain types of driving, a dislike or avoidance of driving. I have passed my test and I now enjoy driving…I never thought that day would come.


    Thank you Liam. Your help has been both life changing and amazing. I’ll be eternally grateful.






    Despite being a fairly confident driver on known roads and routes for approximately 20 years the thought of motorway driving, even as a passenger has filled me with fear, anxiety, dread and physical avoidance for many years. I would get sweaty palms, have nightmares, become breathless and very tense to the extent that I couldn’t think what I was doing, I would just want to stop the car and escape the situation.


    After landing a job that requires me to travel, I looked for advanced driving courses and came across Liam who offers therapy driving courses to drivers of all abilities. Thinking that I was a pretty safe driver I didn’t really know how it would work or what else I could actually learn about driving however I knew I had severe anxiety in relation to unknown busy roads and motorways; and being a therapist myself I am aware how powerful thoughts can be in relation to affecting a persons physical behaviours and decided it was worth a go.


    Liam is a driving instructor who specialises in using psychological therapies combined with driving instruction to reduce anxiety and build confidence, to banish panic and restore calm whilst re-mastering the roads. On my 1st lesson, I drove on some familiar roads and was amazed that Liam was able to pin point some common mistakes I was making, such as struggling to read the speed of over road vehicles, as I was looking in the wrong mirrors; helping correct some very basic habits was the key to increasing my confidence.


    By lesson 2 I was on the busy M62 motorway heading to Manchester in thick fog, all the time Liam was reassuring me, and verbally prompting were necessary; I was remarkably calm. At this point I knew these lessons were going to a game changer and open up the freedom of the roads to me. At the end of 4 lessons I now feel confident and calm at the thought of my upcoming trip across the country. My overall driving, concentration, road awareness, and observations have all improved...and my driving anxiety is a thing of the past.


    If I can offer any advice to other nervous or anxious passengers, I would say don’t wait as long as I did to seek help, pick up the phone, ring Liam and talk about your fears and feelings. Liam is extremely calm, understanding and a pleasure to have by your side.


    Huge thanks, I will be forever grateful


    Best wishes




    Sonia BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy MRCOT




    I was a little nervous at first. After a few lessons with Liam I became more comfortable and less nervous. I found Liam far more relaxed and calm than my previous instructor. Liam gave me clear easy instructions and made driving easy. I felt safe with Liam and today I passed my test, I am so happy.

    Thank You Liam.






    I'd avoided motorways for nearly 2 years.

    Anxious sometimes as a passenger.

    Doubting my ability to control anxiety.


    Now feel confident from spending time with Liam doing the following:


    -Toning up my driving, eliminating bad habits.

    -Understanding triggers and that anxiety is to be acknowledged/understood and not fought.

    -Driving on motorways, M606, M62, M1 North and South.

    -Putting checks in to practice to change my thought process when anxiety levels started to rise.


    I now feel capable of putting those things to use should I need to in the future.

    I feel in control and excited to drive again.






    It's only after a couple of weeks after my end journey with Liam, that it dawned on me that I didn't feel scared on the road.


    It's empowering to feel that a person can go from being a nervous wreck just thinking about driving let alone actually doing it.


    The other day my husband couldn't get into the driver's seat, as another car was parked so close. I didn't think twice about getting into the car and reversing it out for him. For me its the fact that I didn't feel scared. Thanks Liam for your patient support.







    After 5 instructor, I finally find someone who managed to train the untrainable... Thank you your inspiration motivation and guidance







    I feel very lucky I had a chance to learn to drive with Liam Dent. Couldn’t wish for a better instructor, 100% professional and very helpful. Thank You for taking the time to calmly explain to me everything that I had problems with and for taking my dramas :) with a big smile. Would never believe that I will own driving license so Big Thanks to You. Already missing the lessons and the laughs.



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    Driver Therapy is based in Keighley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, offering convenient access for local clients. For those arriving by bus/train, we also provide pick-up services from Keighley Bus/Train Station.

    If you reside far away from our location, we understand that it may be more convenient for you to book a hotel and attend a block of sessions. This way, you can make the most of your time and optimise your learning experience.


    Ready to begin your journey?

    Don't hesitate to reach out by using the contact form below.

    Alternatively, you can contact us directly at 07931 793103.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Prices

    Each 3 hour Driver Therapy session is £150


    Introductory Session

    1 hour introductory session at £40.

    This will give you an insight of what we can do to help you reach your goals.

  • Terms & Conditions


    Please ensure you have a valid UK driving licence for inspection on your first lesson. Unfortunately, if you do not have a licence, we cannot conduct the lesson and the full fee will be charged.

    Clients must have the ability to read the new style registration plates from a distance of 20 metres or 66 feet, with the aid of glasses if necessary.

    Lessons can be pre-paid or paid on the day at the beginning of the lesson. We accept cash or bank transfers as payment methods. Please note that cheques are no longer accepted. If requested, a text message receipt can be provided on the day of the lesson.

    An administration fee of £15 will be applicable for any refunds processed.

    A minimum of 48 hours' notice is required for any cancellations; otherwise, the full fee will be charged.

    If you are experiencing a cold or any contagious virus, please inform your instructor promptly to cancel your lesson.

    Please note that booking and payment for driving and theory tests are separate and need to be arranged directly with the DVSA. Prior agreement from the school is necessary before booking a driving test or using the tuition car.

    The school reserves the right to withdraw instruction and/or the use of the tuition vehicle at any time.

    Any threats of violence or abuse will be reported to the police.

    For your safety and the safety of others, your instructor utilises front and rear dash-cams during lessons. By taking lessons with this instructor, you are consenting to the recording of such footage.

    While driving under instruction, it remains your responsibility to avoid all traffic and parking offenses. If requested by authorities, your instructor may be required to provide your details.

    Your personal data will be stored on a mobile phone, paper diary, and sometimes on a computer/tablet for email correspondence. This information includes your name, address, telephone numbers, social media details, and email address. It will be used for purposes such as contacting you regarding your instruction, locating your pick-up location, billing, general communication, and notifying you of courses, workshops, or general information.

    Upon request, your personal information can be deleted.